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Understanding common electronic components:smd magnetic buzzer
 Jan 12, 2023|View:1609

1. What is smd magnetic buzzer?

smd magnetic buzzer, also known as SMD magnetic, acoustic device, or SMD magnetic interrogator, is a miniaturized electro-acoustic device, according to the working principle, and is divided into two categories: piezoelectric and electromagnetic types.

smd magnetic buzzer

2. The characteristics of smd magnetic buzzer.

smd magnetic buzzer (especially the miniature smd magnetic buzzer) has small in size, lightweight, has a high sound pressure level, low energy consumption, long life, and is easy to use.

3. smd magnetic buzzer applications.

smd magnetic buzzer is widely used in computer (motherboard buzzer, chassis buzzer, computer buzzer), printer (control board buzzer), copier, the alarm industry (alarm buzzer, alarm buzzer), electronic toys (music buzzer), automotive electronic equipment industry (car buzzer, reverse buzzer, car buzzer, motorcycle buzzer) telephone (environmental buzzer), timer The electro-acoustic industry, such as air conditioners, medical equipment, etc.

4. smd magnetic buzzer classification.

Chip magnetic buzzer is usually divided into two kinds: one is an active chip magnetic buzzer, an internal oscillation circuit in its two pins connected to the voltage will emit a fixed frequency sound; the other is a passive chip magnetic buzzer, no internal oscillation circuit, connected to the power supply will not sound, the use of a square wave signal of different frequencies to drive it to sound.

5. smd magnetic buzzer sounding principle.

(1) from the excitation type smd magnetic buzzer working sound principle is DC power input through the oscillation system amplification sampling circuit in the resonance device under the action of the sound signal;

(2) Passive other-excited chip magnetic buzzer working sounding principle is: square wave signal input resonant device converted to sound signal output.

The above is about the chip magnetic buzzer-related knowledge. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!