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Mini headphone speaker performance is measured by which indicators
 Jan 29, 2023|View:347

With the development of society, the application of mini headphone speakers is becoming more and more extensive, and the performance requirements are gradually improving. In this article, we will explain the performance of mini headphone speakers through which indicators to measure.

mini headphone speaker

1. Rated power.

Mini headphone speaker distortion, there is a variety of common harmonic distortions (mostly caused by the uneven magnetic field of mini headphone speaker and the distortion of the vibration system, often generated at low frequencies), intermodulation distortion (due to two different frequencies of the signal simultaneously added to the mini headphone speaker, mutual modulation caused by the deterioration of the sound quality) and transient distortion (due to the inertia of the vibration system can not closely follow the changes in the signal, thus causing (signal distortion), etc. Harmonic distortion refers to the playback. The increase in the original signal does not have harmonic components. Mini headphone speaker harmonic distortion from the magnetic field of the magnet is not uniform, and the characteristics of the vibrating membrane, voice coil displacement, and other non-linear distortion. The harmonic distortion index of better speakers is not greater than 5 [%].

2. The sensitivity of the mini headphone speaker.

Mini headphone speaker sensitivity usually refers to the input power of 1W noise voltage, the sound pressure measured at 1m in the axial front of the speaker size. Sensitivity is a measure of the mini headphone speaker of how the audio signal can be replayed in great detail. The higher the sensitivity, the mini headphone speaker can respond to all the details of the audio signal. The mini headphone speaker sensitivity should be greater than 86dB / W.

3. mini headphone speaker directionality.

Mini headphone speakers transmit radiation in different directions, and the sound pressure frequency characteristics differ. This characteristic is called mini headphone speaker directivity. It is related to the caliber of the mini headphone speaker, and the caliber is large when the directivity of the tip, the caliber of a small directivity is wide. Directivity is also related to frequency. There is no obvious directivity in the low-frequency signal below 250Hz. The high-frequency signal below 1.5kHz has obvious directivity.

4. mini headphone speakers of small, lightweight design.

(1) built-in amplifier, diversity wireless receiver is only 3.6kg, easy to carry;

(2) easy to install;

(3) with external input port for BGM, etc.;

(4) Mini headphone speaker can be installed WX-4800, easy to carry a body type;

(5) mini headphone speaker can be used outdoors (connected to DC12V external power supply even if there is no broadcasting equipment, as long as there is a local unit that can be wirelessly broadcast;

(6) built-in diversity wireless receiver, weighing about 3.6kg, easy to carry, easy to carry, can also be used in multiple rooms mobile using the sound of the full range of bright 12cm cone speaker and give full play to the volume of 10W output amplifier. However, it is a small machine but has a clear amplification effect with a rich input port such as BGM, mini headphone speaker can also be connected to the use of tape, CD, MD player, etc. CD, MD player, etc., connected to a portable DV12V battery, can also be used outdoors microphone stand can be set on the wall or ceiling.

The above is about the performance of mini headphone speakers through which indicators to measure the relevant knowledge. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!