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Mylar Speaker

Mylar speakers, also known as Mylar diaphragm speakers, are a type of speaker that utilizes a Mylar film as the vibrating element. Mylar is a thin and lightweight material known for its excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio, making it suitable for producing clear and accurate sound reproduction. Here's an overview of the specifications of different sizes of Mylar speakers:

  1. 36mm Mylar Speaker:

  • Size: The 36mm Mylar speaker refers to the diameter of the speaker's diaphragm. This size is often used in compact audio devices such as portable speakers, headphones, and earphones.

  1. 20mm Mylar Speaker:

  • Size: The 20mm Mylar speaker has a smaller diameter, making it ideal for ultra-compact audio devices such as wireless earbuds or hearing aids.

  1. 28mm Mylar Speaker:

  • Size: The 28mm Mylar speaker falls between the 20mm and 36mm sizes, offering a balance between compactness and sound quality.

  1. 40mm Mylar Speaker:

  • Size: The 40mm Mylar speaker has a larger diameter, making it suitable for headphones and speakers that prioritize enhanced sound quality and bass response.